Registries and Real World Evidence

Red Nucleus Clinical can design, implement, and operate a variety of observational and longitudinal studies, from chart review to rare disease registries.

Real World Evidence Strategy

We assist clients to connect their scientific and medical research goals with data generation possibilities. We focus on outcomes, measurements, and capabilities that generate real world insight, including patient-centric drug development, remote monitoring, mobile apps, and novel endpoint development.

Strategic Planning and Program Management

Innovation requires both “failing early” and planning for long term success. We help our clients engage in new methods of research, learning, and exploration to find sustainable value for the long term across functions and stakeholders.

Disease Registries

Our team is particularly experienced in the design, operations, and challenges with long term observational registries, from natural history to patient reported designs to post-approval outcomes. We help our clients in stakeholder planning, governance, and operational planning.

Technology Implementation and Integration

End-to-end streamlined solutions delivered through partnerships that provide holistic turn-key digital solutions that address creative unmet needs in clinical research and / or real world evidence to provide insightful and meaningful outcomes.

PRO Instrument Development

Working with strategic partners such as Casimir Trials or Quality Metric, iTakeControl participates in the concept elicitation, user research, psychometric testing, and cognitive de-briefing phases of validating new instruments, especially in the application of innovative mobile technology.

Technology Roadmap and Planning

From digital marketing to regulatory submissions to R&D IT, we are an experienced team and ecosystem of partners with deep knowledge on vision, planning, and implementation of both new and enterprise technologies.


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