Mobile Compliance Learning & Training

iTakeControl provides a platform for complete mobile training and learning programs

Simplifying life for your stakeholders

iTakeControl provides global on-the-go operations with the ability to access and complete training, learning modules, and e-signature compliance records in the palm of your hand.

Putting you in control

iTakeControl’s platform includes streamlined content management to easily update your training and learning content in the mobile app with no need for outside agency support or application updates through the Apple or Google Play stores.

Innovating to streamline SOP and other training requirements

iTakeControl enhances compliance and process understanding by streamlining training and SOP adherence by providing access to the information in the palm of your hand.

Provide Easy Learning / Training for Your Compliance Programs

Not every stakeholder has easy access to a LMS system, but every stakeholder has a phone and access to the app store.

iTakeControl’s mobile platform simplifies training to increase adherence and compliance. It is as easy as:

  1. Download the app
  2. Complete the required training,
  3. Manage audit trails and compliance through auto-generated reports.

iTakeControl’s platform enables:

  • Various media including text, video, audio, and content modules to be uploaded and shared
  • Efficient content management (develop, update, maintain)
  • Streamlined compliance audit trail of module completion with “full sign off” using password authentication.

Let us help you improve your compliance training programs