Real World Disease Management

iTakeControl employs scientifically based approaches, such as cognitive behavior therapies (CBT), combined with clinical care consensus by subject-matter experts to create impactful online mHealth applications.

Learning program and stage-based logic to follow the “journey” of each user.

Community that allows the users to share and interact with one another.

Journal to gather thoughts via text or audio describing symptoms for future reference.

Videos that provide additional support or explanation of disease and any other information.

Data entry for streamlined data collection, such as symptoms, pain level, food consumed or any other relevant information.

Monitoring options from mood to exercise to disease specific targets, with ability to tie personal goals with data entry and monitor progress accordingly.

Proactive and constructive framework for helping users manage through the different stages and needs of the disease.

Goals that help users track their progress and achieve their objectives.

Gamification that enhances engagement by tracking progress through the program and driving users through a points system.

Our mHealth applications provide numerous features, check out iTakeControl Binge our app for patients seeking guidance, support, and assistance with binge eating disorder

iTakeControl Binge


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